PitchWars 2015!

#Pitchwars HopefulDear Mentor,

What do you need to know about me?

I’m a Ukrainian born immigrant turned New Englander (love the snowstorms, by the way). I have four birds, two rottweilers, and seventeen rose bushes. I am a quilter, a dog lover, a storyteller. I’m in it for the long haul.

My first manuscript (YA, Fantasy) never made it into PitchWars, try as I might. My second manuscript (MG, Horror) was an alternate in 2013 (sending love to my wonderful mentor, Joy McCullough!) This is my third time trying my luck. Let this be the charm! I know how to work hard, and I’m getting better.

What can you expect from me?

  • I will not get offended or indignant if you tell me a scene is unnecessary or flat
  • I am very serious about revisions and will consider changing endings, killing/reviving/erasing characters
  • I am willing to delete/add chapters as needed
  • I have a four-page synopsis ready to go
  • Exactly four agents saw the query and the first two pages for this manuscript (I participated in a workshop a few months ago)

What elements does my high fantasy manuscript highlight?

Mostly female cast, alternative societal structure, girls’ friendship, temples and traps, siblings’ bond, little to no visible magic, forbidden love, adventure, a dark setting inspired by Mayan culture, jaguar riders!

What am I looking for in a mentor?

  • a long term partnership and a writing buddy
  • someone who reads and appreciates high fantasy
  • twitter friends
  • brutal honesty


  • someone who won’t give up on me, just because English is my second language (I have my insecurities, thank you very much)
  • a friend to chat with about non-writerly things
  • someone who will help me narrow down my reading list


We’ll make a great team if you:

  • can carry on a conversation entirely made of FRIENDS quotes
  • will hold my hand when I watch the last five minutes of Season Five GoT
  • will pretend to care about the one row progress I just made on my quilt
  • won’t freak out, if I ask you to skype or talk to me via messenger about revisions (I don’t mean daily, or even weekly, but it might be nice once in a while to have a conversation where I can ask questions to clarify the comments)


If you pick me, you will get a hardworking, well-read, appreciative mentee!

P.S. If this a fellow PitchWars hopeful reading this, let’s connect on Twitter @LudmylaFirebird


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