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I have enough ideas to last a lifetime.

ImageI don’t lack in the inspiration department. I have enough ideas to last a lifetime. The more I write, the more I want to write. Everything. Anything. You name it. Middle Grade ideas seem to be particularly insistent on crowding my mind, as of lately.

I am gearing up for entering my first finished MG manuscript, NANNY MORTO, into the PitchWars contest (and if you are an unpublished writer, and don’t know what I’ talking about, well, you should. There you go.) It’s a twisted take on Mary Poppins, with more graveyards and less singing. I can talk about it for days on end, so don’t ask questions, unless you really want to hear the answers.

Still, I am impatient to begin outlining my next draft. It will have to wait until January, I’m afraid, but it’s there, growing and developing in my head. Something along the lines of BAMBI meets THE LITTLE PRINCE, with fewer deaths and quite possibly a sparrow with an attitude. Then, of course, there is Science Fiction for the Middle Grade readers, or the lack of thereof. I can’t find anywhere a superb space adventure story for my fifth graders. Where is justice in that? And, of course, if the rule is, write what you know, then you shouldn’t be surprised that Rottweilers and cockatiels claw and peck their way into my brainstorming pages without much trouble.

Don’t worry. I’m well aware that ideas do not a writer make. I must finish what I start. I must polish what I finish. You should know, however, that I am here to stay. I am here to write. My ideas and I will chop and peck and elbow our way into the world of traditional publishing, one word at a time. Wish us luck!


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