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Review: INSURGENT, by Veronica Roth

2 out of 5 starsinsurgent

I had some trouble with the second book in the DIVERGENT series. While I enjoy the dystopian novels in general, I find it difficult to get into a story that rides on politics alone. I wanted to worry about the characters, not government squabbles. The conflict between Tris and Tobias seemed forced, and either I misunderstood Tobias in the first book, or he changed too much for me to connect with him in INSURGENT. I didn’t get why they were arguing and growing apart, and I didn’t really care enough about the erudite vs. dauntless tension. By the way, the more Roth tried to explain this factions business, the less it made sense to me. In my mind, no matter where your aptitude test placed you, it didn’t mean you were a one-dimensional creature. And if you ask me, being honest or selfless has heck of a lot to do with being brave, so sorting people into candor vs. dauntless vs. abnegation confused me from the start. I went along with it in the first book, because the author did not play one faction against each other  as much, but in the second book it got a little bit confusing: why is it again that a smart person has to be cruel? And if the erudite are the cleverest of the bunch, then how come they don’t see what a disservice and threat a war is to a society?

The first half of the book was too much dependent on the conflict between the factions that I did not fully understand, and that’s probably what ruined it for me.

The second half moved much more swiftly and maintained an excellent level of intensity. The characters’ actions began to make sense once again. I started to worry about Tris’ survival, and the whole tag of war between Tobias’ parents seemed to threaten the relationship in a meaningful way. The secret information wanted by everyone seemed too vague in the beginning to care about, but it started to take shape toward the end. I began to think the story will redeem itself and set up for an exciting ending, but… It crashed. I’m sorry to say so, but I didn’t get the big finale the author tried to set up. The secret information that launched people into bloodshed got the “errr… so what?” kind of reaction out of me. I do not regret finishing the book, but I do feel disappointed. Will I read the third book when it comes out? I’m not sure.


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