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Back to work: Writing a sequel


Museau de Bovin, Albrecht Dürer

After taking a break from writing, I’m crawling out of the pile of books I’ve been reading to continue the adventures that launched the FIREBIRD. The first book is centered on a baker and a princess chasing a magical beast across the Magicfolk world inspired by Slavic folklore. It’s a love story at heart. The sequel is panning out to be a blend of revenge and connection between the royal siblings. And, of course, love: death-defying, soul-crushing, mountain-moving, hedgehog-chasing, soup-spoon sharing love.

Fairy tales have much inspiration to offer, and a three-eyed cow is not the least of it. So, behold the title for the second book in the FIREBIRD series – THREE-EYED COW. She is a lovely creature, truly. I’m off to work.


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