Book Reviews

Review: PRECIOUS, by Sapphire


4 out of 5 stars

The language of Precious is frank and raw. The voice of the main character is compelling and moving. This one is the very definition of despair and injustice, as you may guess from the cover that mentions rape and incest. Some “why” questions simply can never be answered. Certainly, we are all aware that horrible things happen to good people, but this is one of those reads that pushes it in your face. How can an illiterate 16 year old with a child to take care of rise above the shattered, abusive home? Well, she can’t without help. What if there is no help? For so many, there is no rising, either. Some children grow up wrapped in the mind-numbing blanket of abuse to never know the kindness and goodness. Precious is one of those children lucky enough to bump into someone who cares.

About 2/3 into the book the writing lost its rhythm for me, although, it did regain some of its momentum toward the end. The horror of it is not that it happens, but rather that it happens to so many.


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