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Why do I write fairy tales?


I think of objects as live things.

I can’t believe I’m the only one to ever wonder what my purse would say, or the sewing machine, or the shoes. Does my favorite coffee mug have a favorite drink? Does it get indignant and resentful when I don’t pick it up from the shelf?  You might think I’m a little nuts, but those are the exact conversations I’m having in my head as I go about the day. I didn’t bring ALL of the stuffed toys to bed at the age of 10 because I needed the reassurance. I did it mostly because I didn’t want to play favorites and hurt anyone’s feelings. Honest to God.

I believe in miracles.

That’s all there is to it. I don’t think humankind has evolved enough to explain everything, explore everything and understand everything. Seriously.

Animals can talk.

I get it. They can’t talk. But wouldn’t it be wonderful just for one day to share a conversation with a squirrel? You can do that in fairy tales, you know. Fish too. Poor fish, they never get to defend their lot. Probably not the brightest bulbs, anyway, but just once I’d love to hear a carp tell me what it thinks of global warming, or the latest Big Bang episode.

There are magical beasts.

Can’t get enough of those. Every culture has its pick of freaks and darlings when it comes to magical creatures, and I admire them all. ALL of them.

They are real.

The Disney version of The Little Mermaid bothers me to no end, even though I can sign “Part of your world” as good as Ariel can, thank you very much. I love the movie, but face it, people, she’s dead. Turned to sea-foam and all. I admire the sadness and the feeling of it in the actual fairy tale. There is a lot more of reality in fairy tales, than you realize. Life comes with the good, the bad and the ugly, and good fairy tales tell the truth.

I have a thing with numbers.

Things always happen in threes, or sevens, or dozens. There is a rhyme and reason to the madness that is a plot of a fairy tale. It could be some sort of an emotional imbalance issue on my part that I am not willing to admit, but it warms my heart to see a fella try something twice and fail, try it again and succeed.


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