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Editing a novel is murder.

You must get used to the idea of going in with a cleaver and slash, and chop, and hack away.

It hurts. The realization that the story is stronger without  this description, or that dialogue is painful. I worked so hard to build this world and to tell this story, that everything seems urgent and purposeful in my head. It’s not so on paper.

I can’t even count the number of times the first 20 pages of my FIREBIRD have been edited and revised. 70K+  words strong, and I couldn’t move on past the first 15,000. Finally, I see the light. I open up my main file with my manuscript <drumroll>, I open up the second file I titled FINAL DRAFT, and… <more drums, more rolls>, copy and paste one scene at a time from my first draft into my final draft file. I leave the original in its raw, ugly state, and give myself full permission to spill blood and cut what I need in the FINAL DRAFT.

Genius. Took me 5 months to figure it out. Laugh away.


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